One of our long term goals is to establish a multicultural center in Salem, Massachusetts.  We are looking to raise $50,000 to get the multicultural center started.
Why a multicultural center in Salem?
Salem, Massachusetts is known throughout the area, and much of the world, as a place of witches.  In 1692, over a period of a few months, the City of Salem accused, convicted, and executed 20 people, on the grounds that they were practicing witchcraft and causing harm to others.  Since that time, Salem has been labeled as a place to go during October to celebrate Halloween - indulging in the customs of witches and goblins and craziness.
A3D is uncovering much of the rich history in Salem, MA, as it relates to African people.  Salem was involved in the slave trade in the 17th century, as well as the underground railroad that helped to free the slaves later on.  In addition, there is the possibility that Tituba (the first woman accused of being a witch in 1692) was originally from West Africa (we are still researching that), thus bringing some of Salem's history into contact with Africa's history.
Salem is a vibrant city, with much more to do throughout the year than simply wait for October.  With our multicultural center, we can celebrate the many cultures that have walked the land and coast of Salem, including their musical and artistic customs, their histories and their societal heirarchies, and more.  Get ready to see Salem again for the first time!