One of our immediate goals is to distribute much-needed medical equipment to legitimate hospitals in West Africa.  We are looking to raise $20,000 to get the first shipment to where it is needed View the Project Information Sheet .

We are working with other local non-profit organizations to make this happen.  The medical equipment is donated from local US hospitals when they  upgrade their systems biannually.  These donations are for equipment valued at approximately $500,000.  The $20,000 amount is to cover the costs of shipping and coordinating/sending a qualified staff who will ensure that the correct equipment is sent and received properly.
Quick math...   $500,000 of equipment delivered for $20,000 -> $0.04 cost per $1.00 of equipment.  Does it sound like a great opportunity?
You bet it does!!  This is an amazing opportunity to help literally thousands of people and more.  We are hosting fundraising efforts and seeking donations and grants to help make this happen.